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Carrier Data & Analytics to Accelerate Your Growth

Transform your workflow, generate leads, and power your applications with access to structured, cleaned, and complete FMCSA data ready for immediate use and updated daily to keep you ahead of the curve.


Complete, High-quality Data

Trust in the quality of our data, meticulously cleaned and verified for completeness. Keep your systems up-to-date with reliable data.

Pre-prepared, Easily Consumable

Free your team to focus on core tasks with our ready-to-use data. Minimize time spent on data preparation and maximize productivity.

Streamlined Delivery & Integration

Simplify your workflow with easy integration. Our cloud-based delivery ensures smooth ingestion of daily data updates into your systems.

The data you need, all in one place

Access comprehensive FMCSA data, aggregated, up-to-date, and meticulously structured, cleaned, and prepared for immediate use every day.

Consolidated FMCSA Data

Includes access to complete carrier and broker directories

Quickly find prospects, then easily export your data for seamless CRM or TMS integration.

CarrierOK Broker Dashboard

Complete FMCSA data prepared for your business

Logistics Companies

Enhance carrier partnerships and streamline compliance with a robust foundation of reliable data.

Service Providers

Access lists of new authorities and complete company data to drive expansion and ensure compliance for your factoring, fuel card, or insurance business.

Technology Platforms

Power your load board or TMS with core industry data for user identity and data integrity, ensuring trust on the platform.

Unlock the benefits of easy access to high-quality data  

Sales precision at scale 

Utilize CarrierOK to create custom prospect lists of carriers and brokers. Target based on cargo type, region, and company size to efficiently connect with the right prospects. Access via file share or search, filter, and export from our easy to use directories.

Data-Driven Outreach

Access detailed contact information for all brokers and carriers in the logistics industry. Empower your sales team with email addresses and phone numbers for effective outreach and relationship-building.

Market Intelligence

Leverage our extensive data to identify trends, measure changes, and assess demand for services like insurance, factoring, and fuel cards, ensuring your offerings meet the evolving needs of the market.

Seamless Integration

Support your CRM, TMS, and other systems with automated, constantly updated information on all entities with a USDOT number, streamlining your processes and saving valuable time.

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