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CarrierOK vs. Carrier Assure

Trying to choose between CarrierOK and Carrier Assure?

We've summarized the main similarities and differences between the two:

Carrier Assure


per month

Bottom Line Up Front

CarrierOK delivers superior carrier intelligence at a third of the cost of CarrierAssure, providing a more efficient and cost-effective solution for carrier vetting. Our platform uniquely provides a complete operating history for each carrier, accurately timestamped and enriched through meticulous data preparation. The interface is straightforward and user-friendly, enhancing usability and efficiency. Our multi-factor search capability helps our customers discover insights into company relationships and tracks corporate changes over time, including ownership transitions. This approach ensures CarrierOK delivers comprehensive and actionable data and insights, helping to reduce risk, combat fraud, and ensure confident decisions.

Feature Comparison

With CarrierOK, you're not just getting data; you're getting actionable intelligence and insights - without the premium price tag.

what's the same:

Observed Lanes
User-Friendly Interface
MCS-150 & Insurance Data
Carrier Safety Ratings
Contact Information
FMCSA Authority Monitoring
Inspections, Violations & Crash Data
VINs & Equipment Information
Cargo Carried

what's different with CarrierOK:

Broker Profiles w/ Risk Intelligence
Industry Benchmarking
Network Intelligence & Insights
AI Powered Risk Prediction
Address History (Since 2005)
Advanced Search (by EIN, VIN, Phone, and Email)

We're strive to help you protect your business and your customers freight -- let us show you how.

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