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Uncover Hidden Risks with the Company Associations Feature

Welcome back to our in-depth blog series on mastering CarrierOK, your ultimate platform for vetting and monitoring freight partners. In this post, we’ll dive into the Company Associations feature, an essential tool for uncovering hidden connections and assessing the risks associated with a carrier’s network.

Exploring associations between motor carriers with CarrierOK

Understanding the Company Associations Feature

The Company Associations feature in CarrierOK provides a detailed analysis of the relationships between carriers and brokers. By examining up to 20 years of historical data and daily updates, this tool helps you identify shared contacts, addresses, and ownership details that could indicate larger, potentially risky networks.

Why Company Associations Matter

Hidden relationships between companies can pose significant risks to your business. For example, carriers involved in fraudulent activities often share contact information with other dubious entities. By revealing these connections, the Company Associations feature enables you to:

  • Uncover Hidden Networks: Identify carriers and brokers that are part of larger, interconnected networks.

  • Evaluate Risks: Assess the risk of engaging with carriers that have suspicious connections.

  • Ensure Transparency: Work with carriers who value transparent business practices.

How to Use the Company Associations Feature

To make the most of the Company Associations feature, follow these steps:

  1. Search for a Carrier: Use the CarrierOK search function to find the carrier you want to investigate.

  2. Access the Company Associations Tab: Navigate to the carrier’s profile and click on the 'Company Associations' tab.

  3. Review Shared Details: Examine the shared contacts, addresses, and ownership details to uncover hidden relationships.

  4. Assess the Risks: Use the magnifying glass icon to see the other companies affiliated. Determine the potential risks based on the revealed connections.

  5. Make Informed Decisions: Use the insights to decide whether to proceed with or avoid the carrier.

Real-World Application:

Imagine you’re a freight broker evaluating a new carrier. Using the Company Associations feature, you discover that this carrier shares contact information with several known fraudulent entities. Armed with this knowledge, you decide to avoid partnering with the carrier, thus protecting your business from potential fraud.

Key Benefits of the Company Associations Feature

The Company Associations feature offers several significant benefits:

  • Enhanced Risk Management: Identify and avoid high-risk carriers by uncovering hidden connections.

  • Detailed Insights: Access comprehensive historical data and daily updates to stay informed.

  • Informed Decision-Making: Make better decisions with transparent and actionable insights.

Continuous Monitoring for Ongoing Assurance

CarrierOK offers more than just a one-time analysis. We continuously monitor company authority and insurance status, updating our records daily. Additionally, we maintain up to 20 years of authority and insurance history for every company, providing a level of detail that surpasses even the FMCSA’s records. This extensive historical data enriches our analysis, giving you a comprehensive view of each carrier’s reliability and compliance.

Our system is designed to uncover hidden connections that might indicate risk. For example, if a company shares an address with another company's previous address, we’ll identify that link. If Company A has a phone number that Company B, a known fraudster, used six years ago, we’ll surface that connection as well. This level of detailed monitoring ensures that no suspicious patterns go unnoticed, helping you make safer and more informed decisions.


The Company Associations feature is a critical component of CarrierOK, designed to help you uncover hidden connections and assess the risks associated with a carrier’s network. By providing detailed analyses of company relationships, this feature ensures you can vet carriers confidently and effectively.

Stay tuned for our next blog post, where we will explore the Equipment Insights feature and how it can further enhance your assessment process.

Your friends in freight,

The CarrierOK Team


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