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How to Vet and Monitor Carriers with CarrierOK

Choosing the right carriers is not just about A to B; it's about building a dependable supply chain and your company’s reputation. At CarrierOK, we simplify this process, providing you with data-driven tools to vet carriers effectively and build durable freight partnerships. Here’s how you can make the most of it:

Dive into Comprehensive Data

Start by exploring CarrierOK’s extensive database, which includes detailed information on over 4 million U.S. domestic freight companies (active and inactive). With over 150 data points per carrier, you’ll have all the insights you need at your disposal.

Utilize Advanced Search Capabilities

Our platform enables you to search for carriers using multiple criteria such as MC and DOT numbers, company name, or even contact details. This allows you to precisely identify carriers that meet your specific requirements or reverse lookup company details based on contact information provided.

Evaluate Reliability and Risk

At CarrierOK, we conduct daily evaluations on every FMCSA-registered carrier using data science. Our streamlined, one-click system replaces cumbersome multi-tool processes, enhancing decision speed and accuracy. We value transparency; our analyses are clear and accessible, not hidden behind proprietary algorithms. This approach helps brokerage teams quickly identify reliable carriers and avoid risky ones, enabling smarter decisions and fewer problems.

Analyze Safety Performance

Safety is non-negotiable. Our platform aggregates FMCSA BASICs data into a single, comprehensible safety performance score. This score is a snapshot of a carrier’s safety standards, derived from essential data points including authority status, insurance details, and historical safety records.

Uncover Hidden Relationships

Sometimes, the connections between companies can tell you more than standalone data. CarrierOK helps you reveal these relationships, enabling you to avoid carriers that might be involved in dubious networks and ensuring you partner only with reputable entities.

Insight into Equipment and Capabilities

Knowing what equipment a carrier operates can provide insights into their operational capabilities. Our platform details the types of vehicles and trailers a carrier uses, helping you assess whether they’re fit for your logistical needs. We also highlight if a company shares equipment with one or more other motor carriers.

Compare with Industry Benchmarks

To make informed decisions, it’s vital to compare potential carriers against industry benchmarks. CarrierOK facilitates this comparison, helping you spot anomalies or confirm the reliability of information provided by carriers.

Continuous Monitoring and Updates

The logistics environment is dynamic, and continuous monitoring is key to staying ahead. Use CarrierOK not just as a one-time tool but as a part of your ongoing logistics strategy, adapting your choices as new data comes in.

With CarrierOK, you’re choosing a partner in building a stronger, more reliable supply chain. Start with us today to transform how you select your logistics partners.

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