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Carrier Vetting Simplified: The Top Card

Welcome back to our in-depth blog series on mastering CarrierOK, your ultimate platform for vetting and monitoring freight partners. In this post, we'll explore one of the most powerful features of CarrierOK: the Top Card.

The Top Card provides an instant overview of the essential information you need to quickly assess whether a carrier meets your standards or if further diligence is required.

Searching for and vetting carriers in CarrierOK

What is the Top Card?

The Top Card is the first section you see when you open a carrier's profile on CarrierOK. It consolidates critical data points into an easy-to-read format, allowing you to make swift, informed decisions about potential freight partners.

Key Elements of the Top Card:

  1. Essential Information at a Glance

  2. Risk Factors Assessment

  3. Comprehensive Safety Score

Elements of the Top Card are presented with clear red-yellow-green indicators to help you quickly decide whether to proceed, conduct further checks, or disqualify a carrier.

  •  Green  indicators suggest that the carrier meets industry standards and can be considered for partnership.

  •  Yellow  indicators imply that there may be some areas that require additional scrutiny.

  •  Red  indicators highlight significant issues that might make the company a risky choice. For example, if the authority or insurance status indicators are red, these are immediate reasons to disqualify a carrier.

Let’s break down each of the key Top Card elements in detail:

1. Essential Information at a Glance

The Top Card provides a snapshot of a company's most crucial information. This includes:

  • Contact Details: Name, address, phone number, and email.

  • Authority and Insurance Status: Whether the company has active authority to operate, how long they've had their authority, and their insurance coverage.

  • Fleet Information (carrier profiles only): Number of power units, drivers, inspections, and reported mileage.

2. Risk Factors Assessment

CarrierOK’s Risk Factors assessment, summarized in the center of the Top Card categorizes carriers into four risk levels: Low, Average, Medium, and High Risk. This classification is based on operational history and behavior patterns, helping you evaluate partner reliability and potential risks.

Risk Levels Explained:

  • Low Risk: Companies with a consistent operational history and no signs of suspicious activities or data irregularities.

  • Average Risk: Companies that may exhibit minor inconsistencies in business practices or information reporting but generally maintain standard operations.

  • Medium Risk: Companies that show patterns such as frequent changes in authority, contact info, or unusual inspection outcomes. There may also be reports of risky behavior.

  • High Risk: Companies with clear signs of severe irregularities or fraudulent activities, including frequent and unusual changes to critical information, connections to known fraudulent entities, or extremely atypical operational patterns.

Using the Risk Factors Assessment:

  • Low Risk: These carriers are typically safe to proceed with.

  • Average Risk: Consider further checks to ensure reliability.

  • Medium Risk: Conduct thorough due diligence before proceeding.

  • High Risk: Exercise caution and consider disqualification.


Disclaimer: CarrierOK’s Risk Factors, Safety Score, and other analytics are designed to highlight potential opportunities and risks based on our analysis of various data sources. These elements are tools to assist you and should not be considered definitive assessments of any company's capabilities or practices. Always conduct your own due diligence and thorough investigations to ensure informed decision-making. Our insights are meant to complement, not replace, your evaluation process when vetting freight partners.


3. Comprehensive Safety Score

The Safety Score combines SMS BASIC measures and safety ratings to provide a quick grasp of a carrier's safety performance compared to its industry peers. This score helps you quickly understand the carrier's commitment to safety and compliance.

Components of the Safety Score:

  • SMS BASIC Measures: Safety Management System Behavior Analysis and Safety Improvement Categories.

  • Safety Ratings: Official ratings from regulatory bodies.

Interpreting the Safety Score:

  • High Score: Indicates a strong safety performance and compliance.

  • Moderate Score: Suggests satisfactory safety performance but may require occasional monitoring.

  • Low Score: Signals potential safety issues that need to be addressed before proceeding.

How to Access and Use the Top Card

To make the most of the Top Card, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to a Carrier Profile: Use the search function on the CarrierOK homepage to find the carrier you want to vet.

  2. Review the Top Card: The Top Card is the first section visible on the profile page. Examine the essential information, risk factors, and safety score.

  3. Make Informed Decisions: Use the insights provided by the Top Card to determine your next steps—whether to proceed, conduct further checks, or disqualify the carrier.


Pro Tip: To view more details about a specific element of a company's operating history, click on the titles above the colored indicator bars ('Authority', 'Insurance', 'Risk Factors', 'Safety Score') to be taken to the corresponding section of the company's profile for more in-depth information.


Example Scenario:

You’re a freight broker or carrier sales rep looking for a new freight partner. Using CarrierOK, you find a potential carrier and open their profile. The Top Card shows a green indicator for insurance status and authority, but a yellow indicator for contact details due to recent changes. The risk factors assessment categorizes the carrier as Medium Risk, and their safety score is moderate. Based on this information, you decide to conduct further checks on their operational history before making a final decision.

Benefits of the Top Card

The Top Card streamlines your carrier vetting process by:

  • Saving Time: Quickly assess carriers without having to navigate multiple websites or services.

  • Reducing Risk: Identify potential red flags early in the vetting process.

  • Improving Decision-Making: Make confident decisions based on comprehensive and reliable data.


The Top Card is an essential tool in CarrierOK’s suite of features, designed to help you make informed and efficient decisions about your freight partners. By providing a quick overview of critical information, risk factors, and safety performance, the Top Card ensures you can vet carriers confidently and quickly.

In our next blog post, we will explore the Reliability & Risk Factors feature in greater detail, demonstrating how it can further streamline your assessment process.

Your friends in freight,

The CarrierOK Team


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