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Data and insights where you work

Choose the plan to meet your unique business needs



per month

 Best for small teams manually vetting carriers or brokers

  • Unlimited searches on website/mobile

  • Access anytime, anywhere (no IP block)

  • Search by MC, DOT, and company name

  • View safety performance and risk scores

  • SmartWay, PHMSA, & CARB Indicators

  • Compare across industry standards

  • Explore equipment history and insights

  • Discover hidden networks & associations

  • US, CA, and MX Carriers

  • Interstate and intrastate

  • Reverse lookup by EIN, address, phone, email or VIN

  • Google Chrome Extension (included)



per month

Ideal for growing businesses seeking to automate compliance

All web platform data - available via API

  • Automate vetting, onboarding, and monitoring w/ fast, reliable API responses

  • Easily scale your usage based on your unique business needs

  • Get started quickly with our detailed guides and documentation

  • Benefit from continuous improvements and new features with regular updates

  • Access a wide array of data points, providing you with comprehensive insights for informed decision-making

  • Effortlessly integrate our API with your TMS or existing systems

  • View API documentation



per month

*Now includes access to carrier and broker directories

Leading solution for companies requiring complete industry data

Daily access to our foundational database

  • Receive structured, cleaned FMCSA data, prepared for immediate use.

  • Ensure your systems are always current with daily updates on company details.

  • Easily incorporate our data into your systems, thanks to ingestion-friendly formatting.

  • Free up your team to focus on primary tasks with our pre-prepared data.

  • Receive your data daily via Google Cloud Storage, simplifying integration and ingestion.

  • Search, filter, and sort for carriers and brokers in the CarrierOK Directory; export unlimited records via excel or csv.

  • Download sample data

Book with the best.

Empower your business with scalable, affordable data

  • 50$
    Every month
     14 day free trial
    • Single user (contact us for team plans)
    • Search by MC, DOT, and company name
    • View CarrierOK safety performance and risk scores
    • SmartWay, PHMSA, & CARB Indicators
    • Reverse lookup by EIN, address, phone, email or VIN
    • Explore equipment history and insights
    • Discover business associations and hidden networks
    • Google Chrome Extension (beta version)
  • 100$
    Every month
    • 150$
      Every month
      • 249$
        Every month
        • 499$
          Every month
          • 999$
            Every month
            • 789$
              Every month
              • 1$
                Every month
                • 200$
                  Every month
                  • 250$
                    Every month

                    Cancel anytime. Terms and Conditions apply.

                    How many API requests do I need?


                    requests per month


                    Expedite onboarding by pre-filling key information and/or validating submitted information.

                    Establish complete guardrails and protect which carriers/brokers are brought into your network.

                    Assigning Loads / Payments

                    Re-check carriers for authority, insurance, safety, and risk scores prior to load assignment.

                    Avoid fraud by issuing payments to the right entity and viewing recent contact changes.

                    Compare our different plans




                    Access Type

                    CarrierOK meets you where and how you work.

                    CarrierOK Portal Access

                    API Access

                    Bulk Data Export

                    Chrome Extension

                    Anywhere, Anytime
                    (No IP Blocking)

                    Accurate & Timely Data,
                    Refreshed 3x/day 

                    1 seat



                    Search By

                    Pull up profiles using the standard DOT/MC or reverse search using advanced fields.

                    USDOT, Docket,
                    & Company Name

                    EIN, Email, Phone Number, Address, VIN

                    US, CA, MX Carriers

                    Interstate & Intrastate Carriers

                    Carriers, Brokers, & Shippers

                    Profile Details

                    More than just data, insights and intelligence to transact with peace of mind.

                    Company Name, Address, & Contact Info

                    Entity & Operation Type

                    Authority Status & Age

                    Authority History (grants, reinstatements, revocations)

                    Insurance Status & Amounts

                    Power Units, Trailers, Drivers, Inspections, & Mileage

                    Operation Classifications & Cargo Carried

                    Safety Rating, Inspections, Violations, Crashes, BASICs



                    Industry Certifications (SmartWay, CARB, PHMSA)

                    Risk Score

                    Safety Score

                    Observed Lanes

                    Company Associations

                    Know who you're doing business with, really.

                    Shared Physical, Mailing,
                    & Authority Addresses

                    Shared Email, Telephone, Cellphone, & Fax Numbers

                    Shared Equipment

                    Equipment Insights

                    Understand what equipment your carriers are running.

                    Inspected vs
                    Reported Power Units

                    Equipment Counts

                    VIN-level Detail

                    Industry Benchmarks

                    Identify out performing and under performing carriers.

                    Inspections, Power Units, & Mileage relative to peers

                    Contact History

                    Be the first to know with near real-time updates and close to 20 years of historical data.

                    Changes in name, addesses, contacts, & more


                    Your success is our success.

                    24/7 Email

                    Dedicated Rep


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